2007 USA Student Finalists

Jefferson-Scranton High School

Sweep Stopper Invention
My project is an invention entitled the Sweep Stopper, a device that is bolted inside of a grain bin making the unloading of grain from the bin safer. The goal of my project is to market my invention in order to provide farmers with a safe working environment while unloading grain from their on-farm storage facility.

Glenwood High School

One Generation Guiding Another
My goal is to bring young children, older youth and senior citizens together to accomplish community service projects throughout the year. Participants develop intergenerational friendships while working together to make a positive difference in our community. Youth learn the importance of volunteering, leadership and experience. This project consists of creating art, constructing birdhouses and planting flowers to give to others.

Regina High School (Iowa City)

Engineering Tomorrow’s Leaders in Education
The goal of my project is to collaborate with student volunteers and my high school administration to create a chance for students to improve their own education and that of their successors through participation in the Regina Process Improvement Contest. This project gives students a specific way to apply their own initiative and creativity to problems they see around themselves.

Springville High School

This is Rocket Science!
This is Rocket Science! is youth led hands-on science and technology fun in YMCA Day Camp sites. Over one hundred young people learned math and science skills by building and launching rockets. My goal is to inspire young students to learn technology, explore math and science careers and to reach for the stars.

Iowa City West High School

Across Generations: An Oral History of the French Occupation
With Across Generations, I am transcribing, editing, and translating the memoirs of a French engineer who lived under the Nazi occupation during World War II. Monsieur Leleu’s testimony recounts all stages of the war and the Allied invasion. By creating a website, I want to preserve a piece of history and inspire young people to appreciate the struggles of their own time.

Winfield-Mt. Union High School

Youth Court
Youth Court resembles the real court system except that students fill the key positions excluding the judge. Students who have admitted their guilt to an offense can choose to go through youth court. Alternative methods to the usual punishments are decided by the jury of the offenders’ peers. Being held accountable by their peers shows them their actions were unacceptable.

Central Decatur High School (Leon)

Timber! Cutting Down Vocational Barriers
My project was created so that students with financial problems were able to create projects while taking a vocational class. The idea of the project is to take donated trees from the community to a saw mill to be cut and kiln dried into useable lumber for students to use in creating wood projects.

Grinnell High School

Heart to Art Market
Heart to Art Market is an art market where students can sell their original artwork. The goals of the project include offering a low overhead way for students to sell their work, teaching business principles, and building a stronger sense of community. The market will celebrate students’ capacity for creativity while giving them an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.

Wayne High School (Corydon)

A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park is a project dedicated to creating new ways for people to learn about the disappearing native prairie in Iowa. Anyone who wishes to visit the Bobwhite State Park trail system will better understand how rare and pristine our native prairie is.

East Sac County High School (Sac City)

Showcase Sac City
Showcase Sac City has enhanced the beauty and heritage of our community. This project has brought youth and adult volunteers together to create an historical mural at Sac City’s eastern gateway, a heritage walk and six barn quilts at the fair grounds, a tourism book about Sac County’s barn quilts and agriculture, and improvements to the museum’s historical village.

Maquoketa High School/Albia High School

Chicago Climate Exchange—Friend of Farmer and Environment
My goal for this project is to increase awareness of farmers and non-farmers about the Chicago Climate Exchange, a program through which farmers are able to obtain and market carbon credits with the use of no-till practices and anaerobic digesters. Both practices are being promoted to commodities and individuals so they will do their part to enhance the environment.

Crestwood High School (Cresco)

Compost Pile
I saw a need in our small town to stop throwing our waste away; we needed a way to recycle our natural waste to make our environment better. My project is creating a compost pile. My goals for the project are to get the community involved as a group effort, to recycle waste from the kitchen and lawns and turn into rich soil for the community use.

Columbus High School (Columbus Junction)

My Amigo, Mi Friend Mentoring Program
My Amigo, Mi Friend is a mentoring program based upon the Big Brother Big Sister Program of America but formed to meet the needs specific to the Columbus Junction community. This program’s goals are to combat violence, gang infiltration, racial discrimination, estrangement, and apathy. This program is only the first building block in a better future for our community.

Sioux City West High School

Drive the Vote 2008
There is nothing more important in our Democratic process than the election of the men and women who lead this nation. My project educates first time voters turning 18 about the Why’s and How’s of an election. Meeting a candidate, using a voting machine and hearing about the responsibility of citizenship helps remove the intimidation of a first time voting experience.