Uncommon Public Service Award

Honor Iowa Legislators with the Uncommon Public Service Award

The Uncommon Public Service Award was created by the Hoover Presidential Foundation to honor those public servants who demonstrate uncommon service to the people of Iowa above and beyond their legislative responsibilities. The awards are presented during the last week of March in the state House and Senate chambers during the morning session. Additional recognition is given at the annual Foundation Celebration Banquet in the Fall.

Eligibility and Deadlines

The Hoover Presidential Foundation requests the public to nominate legislators who exemplify Herbert Hoover’s ideals of honesty, integrity and uncommon public service. The nominees are judged on their public service and humanitarian projects.

Nominations are now closed for the 2023 awards. Nominations will open in December and are due on March 1.

Past Winners

  • Senator Amy Sinclair
  • Representative Bobby Kaufmann
  • Senator Janet Petersen
  • Representative Cecil Dolecheck
  • With the Hoover Tax Credit Bill under consideration
    this session, we opted to not present an award this year.
  • Senator Brad Zaun
  • Representative Ruth Ann Gaines
  • Senator Ken Rozenboom
  • Representative John Forbes
  • Senator Pam Jochum
  • Representative Dawn Pettengill
  • Senator Rob Hogg
  • Representative Zach Nunn
  • Senator Tim Kapucian
  • House Speaker Linda Upmeyer
  • Senator Wally Horn
  • Representative Helen Miller
  • Senator Nancy Boettger
  • Representative Steven Olson
  • Senator Amanda Ragan
  • Representative Dave Heaton
  • Senator Steve Sodders
  • Representative Royd Chambers
  • Senator Robert E. Dvorsky
  • Representative Annette Sweeney
  • Senator Daryl Beall
  • Representative Lance J. Horbach
  • Senator Dennis Black
  • Representative Jeff Kaufmann
  • Senator David Johnson
  • Representative Mark D. Smith
  • Senator John Kibbie
  • Representative Scott Raecker