Making a Gift to the Foundation

You can share in the Founder’s Day celebration by making an online gift with a click of the button on the right. For 84 years, the Hoover Birthplace Society, now the Hoover Presidential Foundation, has worked to share Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover’s life and legacy.

Your thoughtful gift helps spread his stories through exciting and informative exhibits and programs each year. Please join us in the celebration today!

For a limited time, gifts made specifically to the Timeless Values | Modern Experience campaign for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum renovation may receive a 25% Iowa state tax credit – available only to individuals, businesses and some institutions on the Iowa tax rolls.

You Can Show Your Support in Many Ways…

A registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, gifts to the Hoover Presidential Foundation are typically tax deductible on your state and federal returns.

Use the links provided below to make your online gift to the foundation or one of its programs. Please contact a tax advisor to learn about the deductability of your gifts.

By making a gift to the area of greatest need, the Foundation will utilize your gift in the area where it is needed most at the time.

Show your support for tomorrow’s leaders through this amazing program. LEARN MORE.

Founder’s Day acknowledges the many people who worked behind the scenes to create, build and continue the success of what is now the Hoover Presidential Foundation.

Your gifts help to bring students from all over Iowa to learn about Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. LEARN MORE.

The Foundation holds a number of special events on this special weekend that need your support. LEARN MORE.

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