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Choose from a variety of Hoover topics or provide a theme, and we’ll research a story to match! This is a free service of the Hoover Presidential Foundation. In-person speakers are limited to a one-hour radius from West Branch. Virtual presentations have no limit!

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Re-imaging the Future of the Hoover
Presidential Library and Museum
Learn about the upcoming museum renovation and what it means to Iowans.

Hoover and Aviation
Commercial aviation was just taking off Hoover knew there would be chaos in the skies unless air routes were established, much like shipping lanes.

Herbert Hoover: An Uncommon Man
Hoover amasses a fortune in mining, and set it all aside to feed starving nations in WWl, an effort he would continue his entire life.

A Message of Inspiration
How a man of such modest beginnings goes on to become the leader of the free world?

20 Things you Never Knew about Hoover
This speech easily fits any time frame, and provides little-known facts about our 31st President.


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