Conference Space Rental

We have the space you need for large or small meetings

Check out the Rummells Center!

The Rummells Center has an abundance of meeting space, and the Hoover Presidential Foundation is sharing it with the community!

We have five areas perfect for your small group meeting, office retreat, club meetings, bridal shower, or other gathering. The spaces are offered free to non-profit groups for business purposes or with a small fee for private events.

Stop by and explore the space for your next gathering! Contact Ryan for your personal tour by calling 319-643-5327 weekdays between 8 and 4:30.

Types of Meeting Rooms

There are three spaces available on the main floor.

  • Vault Conference Room, seating for six in the main vault. Does not include video displays. Non-profit rate: $0, Public rate: $10/hr
  • Glass Conference Room, seating for up to 16. Includes 65″ monitor and video conferencing devices. Non-profit rate: $0, Public rate: $20/hr
  • Gallery, approx. 26 x 50 open floor space, holds 8×8′ round tables (tables & chairs available), no video displays. Non-profit: $0, Public rate: $50/hr

Basement level (Elevator accessible):

  • Rummells Conference Center, seating for 44, work tables and office chairs available, 2x 65″ monitors, 1x 86″ monitor, video conferencing, kitchenette space. Non-profit rate: $0, Public rate: $50/hr.
  • Boardroom, seating for 12 at large center table, no video displays. Perfect for breakout meetings. Non-profit rate: $0, Public rate: $20/hr.

Associated Fees

A cleaning fee will be assessed for any event or meeting with food and/or beverages:              $20

Podium rental:           Non-profit: $0     Public: $10

Speaker system and microphones:         Non-profit: $10      Public: $25

Projector and Screen (bring your own computer with HDMI or RGB output):             Non-profit: $0     Public: $10