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Published On: May 31st, 2024Categories: Events, Library and Museum, Membership

On May 16, our members had VIP access to get an early peek at a special exhibit, that celebrates Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover’s 150th birthdays at the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. This exhibit gives an intimate look at the birthday celebrations of our 31st President. The 150th celebration was also a great opportunity to catch up with other members, relax, and have fun!

Members are welcomed with refreshments and a social atmosphere, allowing them to be able to leisurely converse with fellow members and Library and Museum staff. Access to Curators and Archivist allowed the members to get in-depth insight into the new temporary exhibit.

Melanie Wier on stage for her Hoover 150 presentation

Melanie Wier giving her presentation to members for Hoover 150: A Birthday Celebration

Hoover Presidential Foundation’s CEO Mundi McCarty welcomed guests and introduced the speaker for the evening, Melanie Wier, Assistant Curator at the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, in Figge Auditorium. The speech was focusing on upcoming events around Hoover Campus to be aware of and providing additional background information on what the 150th birthday means to the organization and the community.

Melanie set the mood of the evening by giving members an opportunity to get involved, showing why it is important to find enjoyable and memorable moments every day. A microphone was passed around the crowd for members to share some of their favorite birthday memories. This was a unique moment at the event because members told some very touching stories about their favorite birthday memories.

Members had the opportunity to get exclusive early access to the new temporary exhibit in honor of the 150th birthday celebration. This was a terrific experience for members, because the exhibit was not yet open to the public. As members, they were some of the first people to see the exhibit.

For our members to be able to see this exhibit early was a big deal, because the museum experts were able to weigh in their thoughts on any specific questions that the members had. Early VIP access is an opportunity that members are able to enjoy. For more information on the benefits of membership, click here.

T-shirt encased in glass signed by well-wishers saying,

The exhibit is full of birthday items from well-wishers wishing Herbert Hoover a happy birthday.

The exhibit itself was filled up with stories, notes, memories, gifts, and memorabilia revolving around Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover’s birthdays throughout the years. The exhibit is displayed in a way that the viewer visits the different stations in the order in which their birthdays occurred. Counterclockwise, the exhibit takes the visitor through chronological order of their birthdays.

The stations show how appreciative people were for all that President Hoover and Lou did for them. The exhibit highlights how many different groups of people were positively impacted by the Hoovers and the different ways that groups showed their gratitude, so they would buy, craft, or create unique birthday gifts to send to the Hoover family.

The exhibit is open and will run until the Museum renovation begins in early 2025.

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