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August 19, 2021
6 to 7 p.m. Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Darroch Greer

A century ago 38 Americans from every walk of life volunteered to fly in the First World War. It was their own idea—to fight in the skies to aid our oldest ally, France, long before the United States entered the war. They were willing to pay the ultimate price. They helped move their reluctant nation to ultimately join the Allies and enter the fight. They were the Lafayette Escadrille. We’ll hear from the film’s director, Darroch Greer along with Paul Glenshaw.

Please watch this 20-minute version of ‘The Lafayette Escadrille’ in preparation for the Third Thursday program. WATCH THE PREVIEW

Our presenters also invite you to join them in a toast to the escadrille pilots as they prepare a ‘Lafayette Cocktail’ (half champagne/half cognac) at the open of their program.

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About the Speaker: Darroch Greer is a documentary filmmaker and historical researcher. He’s written and produced documentaries on the Civil War, Native America, and popular culture for Discovery, the History Channel, PBS and VH1.


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