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Sept. 8, 2021
6 to 7 p.m. Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Peter Hoehnle

The first week of September marked the 175th anniversary of Jesse Hoover’s birth. Jesse was an inventive and talented young entrepreneur, a self-taught blacksmith, inventor, pump manufacturer, community leader, pioneer West Branch businessman, and husband…as well as the father of the thirty-first President of the United States.

When he is mentioned in biographies of his son, Jesse is little more than a footnote, whose work ethic and entrepreneurship were an inspiration. While remarkable in many ways, Jesse Hoover’s life offers us a window into the social, economic, and religious life of the broader Iowa community that produced Herbert Hoover.

Join us for new perspectives on a man who, to the son who barely remembered him, remained a figure in the shadows.

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About the Speaker: Peter Hoehnle is a native of Iowa and Park Ranger at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. He has a Ph.D. in History from Iowa State University.


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