Current Hoover Museum Exhibit

Leonardo da Vinci – Machines in Motion

HELD OVER through Jan. 29, 2022!

About the exhibit

The exhibition presents from Florence, Italy, the largest hands-on display of full-size machine replicas, constructed according to da Vinci’s famous codices.

“Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion” uniquely presents over 20 actual-size working machines, as opposed to miniatures or static displays.  The machines were designed by a modern team of scientists and artisans who used the craftsmanship that Leonardo would have used in his time.

The exhibit is organized into four parts, based on da Vinci’s study of the elements of nature and applied knowledge: earth, water, air and fire.  Highlights include a revolving crane, a full-size glider, a working robot, and four flying machines.  Other da Vinci displays include the hydraulic water saw, the pillar lifter, floats for walking on water, gear-driven machinery and the canon.

The exhibition is of particular interest to students and young audiences, because it provides an engaging combination of education and entertainment in an experience that explores history, science, mechanics and physics, invention and innovation. Visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with the exhibits.

The Hoover Museum is located just off I-80 at Exit 254 in West Branch, Iowa.

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