Jack Anderson   
Akron-Westfield High School, Akron

A Touch Of Youth
“A Touch of Youth” is a non-profit cleaning service that offers the elderly, disabled, and handicapped in my community the opportunity to live in a clean environment without putting the pressure on them to clean it themselves. My goal is to help out at least 50 people in my community by the end of the summer!

Lauren Barnes   
Hempstead High School  , Dubuque

Iread Kids: Tutoring K-5  
High school students tutor K-5 graders in a program of reading out-loud and selecting books of their choice. The program goals are for students to achieve and exceed grade level reading by reading daily.

Ashley Behrendt
Boone High School, Boone

Boone High School Aquaponics Program  
In this program, students get to explore a new and efficient way of growing. Throughout the course of the school year students designed an aquaponics system, created a budget for supplies, grew plants, and sold the products using a business plan. Many goals come along with this project including leadership skill development, advanced learning in biology and STEM fields, and creative idea implementation.

Emma Blair   
Ogden High School, Ogden

Bringing Art Back to the Youth of a Small Town     
My project’s main focus is to get the youth in my community involved in art again. The program would help bring kids together in a fun, creative, and educational way, and would give an opportunity for kids to do art who would otherwise never be able to participate in art. It would help them to be imaginative and show off their talents through various art projects!

Isaac Heilman  
Underwood High School, Neola

Kids In Conservation: Learn About Wildlife and the Great Outdoors
The goal of my project is to educate and excite youth on the importance of nature and wildlife conservation by guiding day trips to local wildlife areas. By hosting local trips, youth can see places not far from their homes, that they can easily access and enjoy with their families after the program concludes.  I will also use additional resources by utilizing the education and expertise of wildlife officials from the local area.

Seth Hoffman  
Muscatine High School, Muscatine

Ramps & Pathways To Stem For Muscatine Students 
Impacting students early is critical to setting them up for future success. My goal is for each and every Pre-K student in Muscatine to have regular access to an inquiry-based PLAY environment which fosters growth in STEM thinking such that they are all set-up for STEM success as they move into K-12 classrooms.

Isha Kalia  
Linn-Mar High School, Marion

Composting: Green Tools for Schools
My goal is to introduce composting to my high school. It is a very simple way to divert the amount of trash ending up in landfills. School cafeterias are a huge producer of food waste. The majority of this food can be composted instead of being thrown away. Making changes on a local level can make a great impact on the environment and inspire others throughout the world.

Mariam Keita
Iowa City High School, Iowa City

Belief Empowerment Confidence Optimism Motivation Excellence (BECOME)   
“BECOME” will seek to instill its members with confidence and energy to go out and become the optimal versions of themselves. At the same time, it will help to create bonds and relationships that might otherwise never have occurred.

Anna-Britt Lien  
South Winneshiek Community Schools, Castalia

STEAM For the Next Generation 
My project is to start an after-school program one day a week for the elementary students in my local town of Ossian with a population of under 1,000 people. My goal is to offer these students something educational yet fun. In order to do this I plan to offer a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) class one day a week to introduce young children to the importance of science, technology, engineering, art and math in a fun environment.

Peter Limbert    
Newell-Fonda Community School, Early

NF Closet 
My project involves collecting gently-used or new clothing items to be available to students in my school who participate in band or choir programs. Many band and choir events require that students dress in a specific manner. This can put a bind on many families economically. Some students do not attend concerts because they don’t have the right clothing. I would like to create a program within my school to collect, clean, store and distribute clothing to students who need it.

Alexi Mast    
Ankeny Centennial High School, Ankeny

Filling A Need: Water Aerobics For Adults with Special Needs
My project is a class for adults with special needs. I chose to do a water aerobics class because not enough opportunities exist for adults with special needs, and this project would provide a healthy activity that would also allow these adults to be active in a safe and fun environment, and to interact with their peers. I hope that I can continue to improve and grow my project into a self-sustaining program in the years to come.

Addison Randall  
Louisa-Muscatine, Letts

Livestock Leadership       
My project will offer a grant for young students to be able to afford an animal to show at our local county fair. This grant will help the student in purchasing the animal, assist with feed costs, and will provide a student mentor to help increase their knowledge about the animal, how to show it, and answer any questions they have. I hope to inspire kids to explore the agriculture industry and what it has to offer.

Kate Whitson
Central City Community Schools  , Central City

Power of One Vote          
I would like to show students how the “power of one vote” can impact how millions of dollars are spent on education. The difference between getting our new gym and finishing our expansion and not getting it was literally one vote. The goals of my project are to provide education on the history of our new school using real life examples on the importance of voting and sharing this information with other government classes in different school districts so that students do know that their opinions and actions are very important.

Kathryn Wittrock
Valley High School, Urbandale

RINKS – Recycling Instruments for Needy Kids
“RINKS” is a nonprofit I founded to remove unused musical instruments from basements or attics and redistribute the instruments to students in the Des Moines Area whose families cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument. The goal is to lower the financial burden on families, so that every child is able to participate in band or orchestra, regardless of socioeconomic status.