Anna Ascheman
Spirit Lake High School, Spirit Lake
Give Me Five
A math and history camp in one, “Give Me Five” taught middle school girls about Iowa’s president, Herbert Hoover, through math. By solving word problems about Hoover, they learned about his contributions to society while improving their math skills. The girls visited Hoover’s Presidential Library in West Branch where they volunteered, competed in the Hoover-Ball tournament; and toured the museum.

Alton Barber

Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf
Big Blue World
My program gives students in second through sixth grades with learning differences a chance to participate in FIRST robotics at the same level as any other team.  My teams are inclusive to many types of students with differences ranging from social differences such as autism to students with diagnosed learning difficulties.

Rachel Bauler

Hudson High School, Hudson
Corn Hybridization
Corn Hybridization is the process of breeding two genetically distinct inbred lines of corn to create a hybrid.  I am growing my second crop to compare data collected from my last crop to show accuracy within specific phenotypes and to study the process of hybridization.  I will use the knowledge I’ve learned through my project to promote agriculture in school.

April Czarnecki

Urbandale High School, Urbandale
Special Needs Basketball Camp
My project was a special needs basketball camp.  The campers had a 2-day instructional/ skill day to learn the basic skills of basketball with the help of my basketball team.  The 3rd day of camp, the campers showed off what they learned through a b-ball game inviting the community to make the environment like a varsity high school game.

Brayden Hay

Boone High School, Boone
Aquaponics Research System
Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics to make an ecosystem.  This ecosystem benefits the fish with clean water and the plants with nutrients.  This system also provides a platform to educate young children in STEM areas, optimizes aquaponics as a field through research, creates delicious and nutritious food, and creates a club for eight graders interested in STEM.

Andee Joos

Baxter Community School, Mingo
Accelerate Food Rescue in My Community
I am managing and overseeing the installment of an in-school food pantry in Carlisle’s high school. All food going to the food pantry is being rescued from their local Fareway. All food being used is food needing to be repurposed, and will go home with teenagers that face food insecurity.

Brady Lukavsky

West Branch High School, Iowa City
Can You Hear Me?
My project educates communities and leaders (including teachers and coaches) in equalizing educational services for deaf individuals.  I also will meet with legislators to demonstrate the need to support the LEAD-K bill and to help parents gain insurance coverage.  I partner with the Lions Club efforts for fundraising for needed hearing aid-equipment for individuals who can’t afford hearing aids.

Carrigan McCoid

Home Schooled, Ankeny
Military Recharge
Military Recharge is a weekend retreat for military families who are affected by a recent deployment.  This free retreat allows families to spend time together having fun, relaxing, creating memories, and strengthening their family bonds.  By strengthening families and relieving the stress of separation during deployment, we are strengthening America.

Julia Moravec

Muscatine High School, Muscatine
Reach for the Stars
Reach for the Stars consists of fundraising and implementing an astronomy and STE(A) M (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) based curriculum, along with access to a portable planetarium, into the elementary schools of the Muscatine School District. This curriculum is intended to inspire young students to take on STE(A)M careers. 

Sophia Picard

Home Schooled, Knoxville
Knoxville Story Telling Project
The Knoxville Storytelling Project preserves the oral histories of our community members while establishing lasting intergenerational relationships amongst Knoxville residents.  Three Central College professors, Dr. Bob Leonard and Knoxville Public Library staff have instructed participants on conducting, preserving, and archiving interviews and writing stories from them. These stories will be published through local media outlets and/or the internet.

Colton Pilch

Ankeny High School, Ankeny
Galeforce of Games
My project has always been about building community through playing board games. I solicited game donations from local businesses and game companies, along with individuals. I raised funds via social media, letters, and personal meetings to purchase more games. Family game days are held at the local library every month. An after school program is under consideration.

Austin Piper

Home Schooled, Robins
Reaching Out to the Elderly with Jazz
The idea behind this project is to bring live jazz to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It’s bringing together young, talented musicians in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor to play the music of older generations for this under acknowledged population. Music is understood by everybody, and can leave an impact on people even when words fail—including those with dementia.

Emma Sackville

Hampton-Dumont High School, Hampton
Gardens for Special Needs Adults
For my project, I worked with special needs adults at their home to plant and grow a raised garden bed.  Over the summer I did small activities with them such as potting flowers and making small crafts to decorate the garden. With the fresh produce, I helped the residents make simple and delicious recipes.

Sukhman Virdi

Valley High School, Urbandale
Interfaith Iowa
Iowa is a hub for religious diversity.  Many faiths live together in harmony, such as Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.  My project, the Iowa Interfaith Initiative, has the goal of creating a network between these communities, surged by community service.  I love faith and the strength it gives to individuals.  Our goal is to have people connect through faith.

Nia Walker

Davenport Central High School, Davenport
The Advancement of Minorities in Advanced Classes
My project’s objective is to create accurate representation of my high school’s student body in Advanced Placement courses. The goals of my project are to increase the amount of minorities enrolled in AP courses by providing information as well as guidance, supporting students in AP courses, and provide assistance from upperclassmen to guide underclassmen on the higher education journey.