Trustee Meeting Agenda

Trustee Meeting Agenda


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Dear Trustees,

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The Hoover Presidential Foundation promotes and supports the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, National Historic Site, and programs that relate to and enhance the understanding of Herbert Hoover as president and humanitarian.   

By raising sufficient funds, The Hoover Presidential Foundation will support the Herbert Hoover Presidential LibraryMuseum and National Historic Site as they strengthen their internationally-recognized brand.   

I. Welcome: David Dierks, President 
      A. Linda Wastyn, Wastyn & Associates (TBD)   

II. Consent Agenda: 
      A. Secretary’s Report:
Betsy Corridan (Minutes of 1-24-2018 Board of Trustees Meeting) 
      B. Treasurer’s Report: Ann B. Doyle 
            a. Financial Committee Report
            b. December 2017 Financial Report 
            c. Janaury 2018 Financial Report 
            d. February 2018 Financial Report  
      C. Standing Committee Reports 
            1. Investment Committee Report 
                a. Morgan Stanley February 2018 Statement, Report from Morgan Stanley 801 Group  
            2. Uncommon Public Sevice Award Committee Report  
     (Development, Facilities, USA, Travel Grant/ School Bus Grant Committee and Committee on Trustees- No Reports)   
     D. Hoover Campus Reports 
1. Herbert Hoover National Historic Site – Peter Swisher, Superintendent 
           2. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum – Thomas Schwartz, Director 
           3. Hoover Presidential Foundation -- Jerry Fleagle, Executive Director   

(Consent Agenda can be moved and approved en block, or items removed for further  discussion at any Trustee’s request) (Motion Required)   

III. Update on Strategic Plan- Linda Wastyn
      A. Update on Initiative #1 Betsy Corridan, Barry Butler, Charlie Funk
      B. Update on Initiative #2 (Fundraising) –Mundi McCarty
      C. Update on Initiative #3 (Marketing Plan) – Jerry Fleagle
IV. Awards Ad hoc Committee Recommendations- Steve Wolken, Chair   

V.  Travel Grant Committee Recommendation- Karen Suchomel, Chair
      A. Travel Grant committee recommends to the Board of Trustees to increase the $1,500 maximum award to $2,000 for researchers to the Hoover Library to take effect beginning with the 2018 Travel Grant recipients.  

VI. Communications- Brad Reiners, Communications Manager
      A. Communications Update  

VII. Executive Director- Jerry Fleagle 
      A. Potential budget changes due to Strategic Plan 
      B. NARA
      C. Board Matrix
      D. Other
VIII. Development- Mundi McCarty, Director of Development 
      A. Contributions Update
      B. Annual Fund Micro-Campaign 
      C. Planned Giving 
      D. USA Endowment
      E. Other
IX. Membership- Delene McConnaha 
      A. Roster (as of 3-31-2018) 
      B. March Monthly Membership Report 
      C. 2018 Member Trip Update, 2019 Destinations (Texas Presidential Libraries)  

X. President’s Time- David Dierks 
      A. Committee appointments- 2018 
      B. Banquet Speaker Update 
      C. Other Issues   

XI. Old Business   

XII. New Business   

XIII. Adjourn  

Future Board Meeting Dates- 2018 
Friday, August 3, 2018, 2PM 
Fall Board Meeting TBD (Depending upon Banquet Date)