Trustee Meeting Agenda


Dear Trustees,

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Date:  Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017
Time:  9 a.m.
Place: Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, Edgar McDowell Reading Room

I.   Welcome:  Bob Downer, President
a. Linda Wastyn, Wastyn Associates
II. Consent Agenda:
A. Secretary’s Report:  H. Eugene Anderson

B. Treasurer’s Report: Ann B. Doyle

C. Standing Committee Reports
d. Committee on Trustee Committee Report

(No reports: Facilities, Travel Grant/ School Bus Grants, Uncommon Public Service Award, Development, Audit)

D. Hoover Campus Reports
b. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum – Thomas Schwartz, Director
c. Hoover Presidential Foundation -- Jerry Fleagle, Executive Director
(Consent Agenda can be moved and approved en block, or items removed for further discussion at any Trustee’s request)
(Motion Required)
III.   Strategic Planning Update- Linda Wastyn, Wastyn & Associates (90 minutes reserved)
             a. Environmental Scan
             b. Hoover Plan 10-17
             c. Planning Notes for 11-17
             d. Strategic Planning Notes 10-10-17

IV.   Finance Committee Report
b. Proposed FY 2018 Budget Presentation- Jerry Fleagle, Executive Director (Motion Required)
2018 budget approved finance committee
        Contributions Speadsheet Budget 9-6-17
        HPF Budget Notes
        Library Request Draft Budget FY18

V.    Development- Mundi McCarty, Director of Development
a. Fundraising Update- June 30, 2017

VI.   Executive Director- Jerry Fleagle VII.  Membership- Delene McConnaha
a. Roster (as of 10-1-2017)

VIII.  President’s Time- Bob Downer

IX.   Old Business

X.    New Business

XI.   Adjourn

Future Board Meeting Dates-
January 24, 2018, 9AM, Des Moines (Iowa State Bar Association)
April 13, 2018, 2PM, Hoover Presidential Library-Museum McDowell Reading Room
August 3, 2018, 2PM, Hoover Presidential Library-Museum McDowell Reading Room
Fall Meeting- TBD

Mission Statement:

The Foundation will foster the collection, interpretation and preservation of historical resources relating to the life, ideas and values of Herbert Hoover, thirty-first President of the United States; we will promote public education about and appreciation for Herbert Hoover, support the Hoover Presidential Library-Museum and the National Historic Site at West Branch, Iowa, effectively garner and prudently manage Foundation resources, and serve Foundation members.